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Reeves Callaway

I find it ironic because I come from an internal combustion engine design background. Now I find myself riding an electric motorcycle. And really enjoying it. Ironic.

I appreciate the performance, without the drama. No gearbox, no clutch, no chain, no oil, no heat, no noise.

And the performance: astonishing. I have yet to meet many motorcycles on the street that can keep up with me from a stoplight. It's intriguing to some other riders, and maddening to most.

My experience with Hollywood Electrics has been superb. It's refreshing to deal with the guys who have the best product knowledge in the business. And I'm not an easy customer to impress. In fact, I can sum it up this way. I'm ready for the next great thing as long as it comes from Harlan and Zero.
2014 Zero SR Owner, Founder of Callaway Cars

Eric Barkalow

My greatest surprise was being able to have conversations and hear other people without turning off the bike. Loudest thing is the turn signal.

Too long a list - [of gas versus electric] smell, sound, feel, sight and of course it is in good taste, so all five senses are covered. Never swipe a credit card again!

I can feel a brighter future for the world here. Not only for transportation, but also in the mindset of the people involved. Very casual but confident.

2014 Zero DS, Tesla Model S, & Nissan Leaf Owner

Paul Scott

It had been almost 40 years since I’d ridden a motorcycle. About 12 years ago, I had become an electric vehicle advocate, so when Zero Motorcycles’ 2013 S arrived at Hollywood Electrics, I had to try it out. All the great press it received was well deserved. This bike had gobs of power and it was as easy to ride as any motorcycle on the planet. No funky transmission and clutch to slow me down, just twist the throttle and go.

The team at Hollywood Electrics was very friendly and easy to work with. I was especially excited when Harlan Flagg contacted me to say they were doing “controller upgrades” to the bikes to make them more powerful. For a small price, the upgrade from 420 amps to 660 amps gave me at least 40% more power. My 0-60mph time dropped from 4.8 seconds to an astoundingly quick 3 seconds flat! Now all I want to do is ride this bike.

I feel that my motorcycle is the perfect commuter bike. It’s small and lightweight (350 lbs.) and handles easily in heavy Los Angeles traffic. I no longer worry about how long it takes to go anywhere since traffic barely slows me down, and parking for free is a great perk!

Hollywood Electrics only deals in electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles. No old fashioned, noisy and smelly internal combustion bikes at all. Harlan’s team really know the products, too. And to my knowledge, they are the only shop in the country doing these modifications. It’s good they do the modifications as a source of additional income since the bikes need virtually no maintenance.

I look forward to our monthly group rides. It’s cool to be in a large pack of motorcycles with virtually no noise to disturb people. We always finish with a dinner somewhere so we can get to know the other cool electric bikers.

It’s pretty clear that electric mobility will dominate both cars and motorcycles in the near future. As the range of the vehicles increases, and charging speed and availability of charge stations improve, the need for internal combustion will fade away. Good riddance, too, as the use of oil for transportation, has massive costs to our health, environment and national security.

2013 Zero S & Nissan Leaf Owner, Co-Founder of Plug In America, Former President of EV Association of Southern California

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