Zero SR/F Charging Explained

Zero SR/F Charging Explained

Here’s a quick explanation on how the various charging and powerpack configurations on the new Zero SR/F stack up to the current Zero lineup.


Both the Zero SR/F Standard and Premium editions come with a 14.4kWh powerpack. Although the powerpack is the same size as previous years, the module architecture of the SR/F is new and includes the addition of thermal paths from the cells to the battery case, which improves heat dissipation and battery performance. Vertically oriented heat sinks along the sides of the battery create a path for the heat to rise so the battery can cool itself while the bike is parked and charging, a condition that would otherwise dissipate little heat. Additionally, with the charger located above the battery, not below it as on previous models, the heat from the charger will dissipate up into the air and not up into the battery.

This new configuration is a vast improvement over previous years’ powerpack designs. Previously, the battery was well insulated from the outside world resulting in very little thermal dissipation and extended amounts of time at high speed on the race track or freeway, combined with fast charging would cause thermal protection that would dial down battery charge and discharge rates.


As with previous models, a Powertank will be available to add 3.6kWh of battery for a total of 18kWh on the new SR/F Motorcycles. However, there is one big difference from previous models: you no longer have to choose between Level 2 charging and the Powertank since all SR/F models come standard with an onboard Level 2 charger.


Zero offers four charging options for the SR/F. The Standard model is equipped with a base option of 3kW onboard charging while the Premium model comes with 6kW onboard charging. (For comparison 2019 SRs charge at 1.3kW!)

An additional 6kW Rapid Charge option is also available for either model for a total of 9kW and 12kW on the Standard and Premium respectively. The table below outlines the different charge times (from 0% to 95%) with battery and charger configurations. Note that SR/Fs with the Powertank option are not eligible for the Rapid Charge option as well.






SR 14.4

9.3 hours


2 hours



SR/F 14.4


4 hours

2 hours

1.3 hours

1 hour

SR/F 14.4 + PT


4.7 hours

2.4 hours



With these six different configurations, you can pick the battery/charger configuration that best suits your needs. I’ll take the SR/F Premium in Seabright Blue please! Which one will you pick? To find out more and to reserve your Zero SR/F to ride in 2019, call us at 323.654.8271 or email us at

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