Malibu Electric Rides

Malibu Electric Rides

If you’re a motorcyclist in LA, you’re probably like me, always looking forward to a ride through Malibu. The Malibu Canyon roads are my favorite motorcycle roads around town and with so many roads, you can explore a different one nearly every day of the month. Some of you may be new to riding, and thus may not be as familiar with the roads, destinations, and charging spots, so I’ve made a map of Malibu Rides to help guide you through some of my favorite routes.

There are several different rides you can highlight on the left sidebar. You can also highlight charging stations and popular destinations around Malibu. The Malibu Country Mart is always a good place to meet up with your friends for the start of a group ride. There are several charging stations within a couple of blocks so you can charge while you wait for everyone to show up. As an added bonus, you can also grab a coffee or a snack from one of the many cafes or restaurants in the shopping center.

For newer riders, the “Mulholland Encinal Loop” is a great ride with lots of long sweeping corners that are easy to navigate. There are several popular motorcycle destinations along this loop including the The Rock Store and The Old Place. If you continue up the coast below Encinal Canyon, you’ll also find Neptune’s Net. The infamous Snake Overlook on Mulholland Hwy winds between The Rock Store and Kanan Rd. Unless you want to end up on YouTube in one of RNickeyMouse’s crash compilations, I suggest inexperienced riders keep a mild pace for this short section of the road.

For those riders looking for more “corners per mile,” the “Latigo Canyon to Tuna Canyon” route takes you up through Latigo, across Mulholland, up Piuma and back down Tuna Canyon. Lots of beautiful scenery and epic views along this route and you can still make the requisite stops at the usual moto hangouts. If you spot Photographer Victory Jon along Mulholland, give him a wave and share the photo with your friends who were supposed to come ride with you so they know what they were missing.

Hopefully you enjoy the rides and share this map and these routes with your friends. Let me know which ride is your favorite! I’m looking forward to joining everyone for a group ride through the Malibu Canyons this summer.

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