2023 Zero SR

2023 Zero SR



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Effortless Power

The all-new Zero SR is the world's most adaptable motorcycle. Built on the award-winning steel trellis frame and coaxial power pivot chassis that made the SR/F and SR/S the pinnacle of electric motorcycling performance, the SR is powered by the ZF 75-10 motor and is the first model equipped with a ZFORCE 14.4+ kWh power pack. The Cypher III+ Operating System enables the SR to add upgrades that improve torque, speed, Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, add turn-by-turn on-dash navigation, and so much more.

Effortless Control

The SR offers an arsenal of ride modes which allows riders to customize the bike’s performance through the intuitive next-generation app and dash interface. The SR navigates the road no matter the conditions with Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport, and Canyon modes pre-loaded and a virtually infinite number of custom tuned ride mode adjustments available. Further customizations ranging from accelerated charge speed, higher performance and Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and so much more, all come in the form of on-demand performance and feature upgrades available through the Zero App with the tap of a finger in the Cypher Store.

Effortless Connection

The Cypher III+ Operating System is Zero’s latest proprietary OS. It delivers precise performance seamlessly for a consistently superior riding experience. Cypher III+ unlocks performance customization through the Cypher Store on the Zero App where critical performance upgrades that include performance (speed and torque), charging speed and capacity, turn-by-turn navigation and others are all available on-demand.


RANGE ZERO SR w/ Extended Range Cypher Upgrade ZERO SR
City 187 miles (301 km) 156 miles (251 km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 114 miles (183 km) 95 miles (153 km)
 » Combined 141 miles (227 km) 118 miles (190 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 93 miles (150 km) 77 miles (124 km)
 » Combined 124 miles (200 km) 103 miles (166 km)
Peak torque 122 ft-lb (166 Nm) 122 ft-lb (166 Nm)
Peak power 74 hp (52 kW) @ 6,255 rpm 74 hp (52 kW) @ 6,255 rpm
Top speed (max) 104 mph (167 km/h) 104 mph (167 km/h)
Top speed (sustained) 104 mph (167 km/h) 104 mph (167 km/h)
Max capacity 17.3 kWh 14.4 kWh
Typical cost to recharge $1.94 $1.61
Charge time (standard) 5.4 hours (100% charged) / ~4.7 hours (95% charged) 4.5 hours (100% charged) / 4.0 hours (95% charged)
Curb weight 489 lb (222 kg) 489 lb (222 kg)
Seat height 31.0 in (787 mm) 31.0 in (787 mm)
Power pack warranty* 5 years/unlimited miles 5 years/unlimited miles

* For additional details about powerpack or standard warranty: Click Here

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