Zero Motorcycles for the Burbank Police Department!

It was an exciting occasion last week as we delivered the first Zero Police Motorcycles to the Burbank Police Department! We've been working with Burbank PD's Lieutenant Jay Hawver since earlier this year when they first had the opportunity to demo the 2014 Zero Police Bikes. The Zero DSP will be a great fit for their needs as Lieutenant Hawver intends to use the motorcycles to patrol areas that are prone to brush fires and typically only patrollable by helicopter. It was great to see how eager Hawver was to put these bikes into service and we are excited to be working with such a pioneering organization. Electric motorcycles are particularly suited for fleets, reducing their operating costs significantly. Police fleets will find operating cost of an electric motorcycle to be about a third of what a traditional motorcycle will run them. An electric motorcycle also offers a tactical advantage, allowing enforcement officers the ability to have a silent and unimposing presence, while remaining ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Electric motorcycles also provide a positive brand image and the opportunity to lead by example when it comes to emissions, environment, and transportation choices. Read more about this in the LA Times! Burbank Police Department adding electric motorcycles to its fleet

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