The All-New 2020 Zero SR/F

The All-New 2020 Zero SR/F

I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast my entire life. When Electric Motorcycles were first introduced a decade ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of this nascent industry and founded Hollywood Electrics in 2009, to bring them to Los Angeles in one location so that everyone could experience first-hand the latest in Electric Motorcycles.

With such a new product, it was important to me for customers to trust us to curate the BEST Electric Motorcycles with the customer support and experience one would expect from these premium products. I fondly remember my first ride on a 2009 Zero S. At the time it engendered an excitement in me that has remained through all the subsequent iterations and Zero model updates. I was confident then, and am even more so now, that there is a focused company behind it that had engineering talent and the financial backing to outlast the challenges that lay ahead. It wouldn’t be long before Zero Motorcycles would bring us a bike that would challenge gas motorcycles not just in fun factor, a twist of the wrist proved that easily, but also in performance and convenience. With the arrival of the new SR/F model, Zero Motorcycles introduces a new platform and another milestone for the company as it further raises the bar on what a Motorcycle can and should be.

The all-new Zero SR/F has a top speed of 124mph launching you forward with 110 hp, 140 ft-lbs of torque, dual front discs brakes with radial caliper and master cylinder and premium Bosch MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control)! But the technical specs aren’t the only attraction. The visual appeal of the bike with its trellis frame, LED headlight, full color TFT display and styling cues reminiscent of a Ducati Monster, MV Agusta Brutale, and KTM Super Duke leave no doubt as to the class of Naked Bike with which we are now dealing.

Having already had the opportunity to ride this motorcycle, I can not only confirm the smooth power delivery and predictability of throttle response that you’ve come to expect from a Zero, but also a chassis and brakes that have taken the ride to a whole new level of performance. My initial ride, through debris and ice covered asphalt on a snowy mountain road on the outskirts of San Diego, really allowed the capabilities of the Bosch MSC to shine, and also highlighted how confidence inspiring the bike is in adverse conditions. As for speed, on the highway the new, larger 75-10 motor and 900A controller throw you back into the saddle well past any speed I cared to test.

All those who geek out on technical details will be happy to know that a new Zero app makes the ride profiles more customizable than ever, while cellular connectivity adds useful new features like bike alerts that can notify you of charging status or location, as well as tracking data so you can “Relive Your Ride.” A feature filled integrated charging system allows you to adjust charging parameters to avoid peak electricity rates while also maximizing battery longevity.

Based on our initial feedback and deposits taken, we know our Hollywood Electrics customers are as excited as we are for the Zero SR/F. We’re looking forward to our first customer deliveries in April. Since demand is high and supply is low, don’t wait for the test-ride to know this is the bike for you. Deposits are fully refundable, so if you want to ride the SR/F before the end of the summer, get on it now and join our Zero Riding Family!

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  • how much out the door. my zero/sr has 8900 well maintained miles on it. lets talk. Raymond Turner Las vegas nv. 1 702 845 5119

    Raymond Turner
  • Where’s the rear rack for this fun electric bike! C’mon man, I’ve gotta carry some stuff! Make it happen, bub! I like the design, and it’s no doubt Chinese, but put a designed rear rack on this bike! At least the scooters carry and equip rear racks! They need functionality on racks!

    Anthony North
  • Angeles Crest, here I come!

    Paul cott

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