Terry wins the Vetter Challenge!

Terry has truly accomplished the impossible. On August 29, 2014, Terry won the Vetter Challenge, the ultimate fuel efficiency test, on his streamlined Zero Motorcycle. The competition took place over the course of 172 miles from Wendover to Tooele, Utah. The speeds limits on these roads are as high as 80mph making this a particularly impressive accomplishment given the higher power demand at higher speeds. Not only was Terry able to maintain these speeds and complete the entire course, he had enough charge remaining to ride to Salt Lake City to charge up! The most efficient gasoline vehicle was that of Alan Smith at 139.3 mpg, with a cost of 2.6¢/mile while Terry was able to travel the same speed and distance at half the cost of only 1.3¢/mile! Congratulations Terry! Follow the link to Craig Vetter's website to read the full report: http://www.craigvetter.com/pages/2014-Challenges/2014-Wendover-to-Tooele-Challenge.html

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