Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – Practice Day Two – Glencove

The middle section is one of the more technical sections of the race. This section has a number of switchbacks, know as the “Ws” and can be quite treacherous, especially when traveling at speeds exceeding 100mph. Although we once again had a flawless practice, a few of other riders were not quite as lucky. One ended up with his bike smashed through a guardrail. Another, who was not quite as focused on his casual ride down the mountain following a practice run, threw his bike off a cliff which proceeded to roll down the mountain and narrowly miss the riders below. The epic footage of this close encounter can be seen on Jeff Grace’s YouTube channel with the title “Honda from Heaven”. Luckily all riders will live to ride another day, but it is a humble reminder of the challenges one faces on this road course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIKQjt-e0zY

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