Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2014 - Pre Race Prep

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motorsports race in US History. This year we are returning to Pikes Peak for their 93rd competition. Last year was an incredible year for electric motorcycles at PPIHC. In 2013, Hollywood Electrics sponsored the first all-electric motorcycle class in PPPIHC’s history filling a grid of six production Zero Motorcycles and a prototype electric motorcycle, the Lightning ridden by Carlin Dunne was the overall fastest motorcycle on the mountain! This year we’ve focused our efforts into a single bike to try to improve on our performance from last year. Our sole racer will be Jeff Clark on his 2013 Zero FX. Jeff is the reigning production electric motorcycle champ. Although we had hoped to bring a larger group of riders, the PPIHC officials have been much more particular this year regarding race experience and deadlines, which is understandable given the dangers presented in this race. The good news is, this has given us time to focus on Jeff’s machine, a bike we’ve become intimately acquainted with over the last year as we continue to improve it’s performance. Although last year we encountered several performance limitations on the peak, we hope to overcome these and reduce the race time significantly.  

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