Hollywood Electrics - Zero Carbon

Hollywood Electrics - Zero Carbon

Today we're launching our Hollywood Electrics Custom Carbon Fiber Accessories for Zero Motorcycles, and we got so excited about these carbon bits that we decided to build a custom bike around them.

The Hollywood Electrics "Zero Carbon" began as a high performance 2016 Zero SR. Along with a little paint and upholstery, the Carbon Accessories have transformed it into an elegant and understated bike.



The Trio of High Quality Carbon Fiber accessories gives the Zero Carbon bike a unique look while accentuating the aesthetic. A Carbon Fiber Front Fender and matching Seat Cowl are the bookends on the bike, while the Carbon Fiber Tank Cover centers it with a secure storage compartment for your belongings.

We made sure the bike was not only artful to behold, but also a pleasure to ride with the highest-performing suspension available. The GP Suspension Fork Cartridge Kit and Penske Rear Shock keep this bike handling flawlessly on the road through any tight corners you may give it.

Hollywood Electrics Custom Carbon Fiber accessories are manufactured to the highest standards with a UV coating to protect their perfect finish. The Custom Carbon Fiber Fender is the same size yet less than half the weight of the original plastic fender, a testament to its quality.


These Custom Carbon Fiber accessories are available now and in stock at Hollywood Electrics. Use them to add a custom touch to your own Zero Motorcycle or if you don't yet have a Zero, the Zero Carbon is looking for a home. Inquire within for your chance to take home a unique bespoke Hollywood Electrics Custom Electric Motorcycle.

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