Electric Revolution at the Petersen Museum

Electric Revolution at the Petersen Museum

On April 4, 2019 the Electric Revolution Exhibition opened at The Petersen Automotive Museum. Curated by Paul d’Orleans, Co-Founder of the Motorcycle Arts Foundation, the exhibit features an eclectic mix of Electric Motorcycles from the production Harley-Davidson Livewire, to the kooky Racer-X. Although Electric Motorcycles were featured at the 2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering, this is the first time a collection of Electric Motorcycles has been curated and assembled for long term display in a museum setting.

At the event I was privileged to join Paul and four other panelists to discuss the current state of the Electric Motorcycle Industry and where it’s headed. The other panelists included, Charles Fleming from the LA Times, Dan Green from Cake, Ben McGinley from Harley-Davidson and Richard Hatfield from Lightning Motorcycles. Based on their questions and reactions, I could tell that much of the crowd was still new to Electric Motorcycles, and though some were still skeptical, it was exciting to see so many people taking interest at this Sold Out event. If you missed the event, Click Here to watch the panel on Facebook.

harley davidson livewire

Since the exhibition is sponsored by Harley-Davidson, it was no surprise to see the new Livewire welcome you into the display. The Livewire on display looks to be a production unit and I’m happy to finally see a big manufacturer step into the Electric Motorcycle world. Without deep pockets such as theirs, exhibitions like this, at amazing venues like the Petersen, would not be possible.

Corbin Quicksilver

Paul d’Orleans did an excellent job in not only including some new and innovative custom bikes, but also historic Electric Motorcycles that have helped shape this industry. One example is Mike Corbin’s Quicksilver, which held the Electric Land Speed Record for 38 Years until Lightning Motorcycles broke that record in 2012 with their LS-218 bike. The Lightning LS-218, on display as well, is also known for winning the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2013.

Racer X

Among the newer customs were true works of art, like Mark Atkinson’s Racer-X bike, which attempts to recreate what a motorcycle could be without the limitations of gas bike components. Walt Siegel also had a beautiful custom, based upon the now defunct Alta Motors bike. It embodied the first, but probably not the last time, he’s worked with an electric platform. The custom Zero FXS by HugeMoto is an absolute showstopper and proudly sits atop the display where you can closely inspect the care and detail that was taken in its design and assembly.

HugeMoto Zero FXS

With the Petersen right down the street from Hollywood Electrics, it should be no surprise that I’m a huge fan and frequent visitor. I look forward to re-visiting the exhibit a few more times this year before it closes in November. Thank you to all our customers who joined us on the ride down to the opening. This being a bellwether, there will certainly be many more future events celebrating the rise and revolutionary nature of Electric Motorcycles. If you haven’t already, click here to schedule a Zero Test-Ride with us in West Hollywood, then swing by the shop (only 1.7 miles North on Fairfax Ave), before or after your visit to the Petersen’s Electric Revolution!

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