ReFuel 2014: All Electric Track Day!

This past weekend was the ReFuel Clean Power Performance Event hosted by Speed Ventures at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. This event is an electric-only track day for electric cars and motorcycles and a great opportunity for riders of all skill levels to ride on a real race track. And not just any track, Laguna Seca! Home of the (in)famous Corkscrew! I've been meaning to make it up to this event for the last couple of years and I finally had all the gear and the bike to make this a reality. Along with me from SoCal were: shop service guru Frank Caridi riding a 2014 Zero FX equipped with Hollywood Electrics Supermoto Kit, customer Eric Barkalow on a 2012 Zero DS with S wheels, and our Hollywood Electrics racers, Brandon Nozaki Miller on his 2014 Zero SR and Jeff Clark on his 2013 Zero FX Pikes Peak Special. A bunch of the guys from the Zero factory were up there, and Brammo made the trip down from Oregon just for the event. There was even someone who brought their own homemade electric motorcycle, although I don't think I saw it go around the track more than a couple of times. I've had little track experience and this was my first time on a proper race track, and I was riding a stock 2014 Zero S, a demo we have in the shop, so I kept it pretty sedate for the most part. The other guys, not so much. It's impressive to see these guys whizzing by me on the track when I think I'm going fast. Towards the end of the day, we were all given the opportunity to participate in the TT, a timed lap around the track, to see how we rank amongst the group. Brandon was the fastest in the production electric motorcycle category on his SR, a second SR just behind him, followed by an Empulse R. It was a great event and a fun time was had by all. I know we're all looking forward to returning next year. Thanks again to the guys at Speed Ventures for organizing a great event!

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