Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – Practice Day Three – Devil’s Playground

Once again at the top section, luckily not as windy this time around. Jeff is most comfortable with this section, no doubt because of the extra practice at the top, but its important to stay focused. The lack of oxygen up here may challenge the machines of the ICE engines, but it also can cause impaired judgement with any rider. This is one of the fastest sections of the race and Jeff has not complained of any power cutbacks or speed limiting which is definitely a huge improvement over last year. Our team has really got everything going smooth in the pit. It really shows how far we’ve come since our debut on the peak in 2013. On the way down the mountain from practice, some emergency crews and tow trucks were rescuing a vehicle that drove off the mountain. We found out later this vehicle was Mike Ryan’s legendary Freightliner. Apparently he lost all control of the steering but the trees broke his landing. He walked away, not even a trip to the hospital, but the truck was totaled.  

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