Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2014 - Tech Inspection

No surprises here, bike has passed tech. The real excitement is in seeing everyone else’s race vehicles for the first time. Several electric vehicles are entered this year. Although in a separate prototype class, the other electric motorcycle entries include Jeremiah Johnson on the Brutus and Japanese rider Yoshihiro Kishimoto on the Mirai. Other notable electric vehicle entries are Greg Tracy and Hiroshi Masuoka riding for Mitsubishi, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima in his custom E-Runner and Janis Horeliks in a custom Tesla Roadster.

Jeff Clark Pases Tech

 Jeff Clark with his Zero FX shortly after passing Tech Inspection

Harlan Flagg & Greg Tracy

Harlan Flagg & Greg Tracy who is racing the Mitsubishi MiEV

Mitsubishi MiEVs

The Mitsubishi MiEVs that Tracy & Masuoka are racing

Custom Tesla Roadster

Janis Horeliks Custom Tesla Roadster

Cars lining up for Tech Inspection

Cars lining up for Tech Inspection

Guy Martin's Turbo Charged Custom

Guy Martin's Turbocharged custom bike

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